Our family loves paddling the Delaware together with our friends as part of the Delaware River Sojourn. It is beginning-of-summer ritual for us that I can't ever imagine missing. Our children look forward to seeing their young river friends, who they run and play with after the paddling is done for the day. Epic water gun battles are held on the river! Toads are chased and swim breaks are taken. Mom and Dad get to clear their heads and enjoy the zen therapy of paddling peaceful forested stretches of the river with eagles overhead. At the end of the day, after the communal meal is eaten, the campfire stories are told and the s'mores are enjoyed, we all experience that deep satisfying sleep that comes after a day of life well-lived. Then we do it again and again for a week, until our minds and bodies are recharged and cleansed again for another year, already anticipating the next trip.